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To be

sniffed white dust, a rich bitch buying luxury

                                                              and piss.

As well as "Vegas", an entire planet man-made. Sparks,

like a Wall-Street broker, making all



Another tetra-brick mother; a politician

commanding herds...his friends selling, note

by note, even smaller shares of...

                                            not his future.


A Spanish priest up to fuck moms and kids.

As rat as Rabbi can be;

an Imam has no man at all!

                                  I would kill them all.


a thumb down Judge as the Dow Jones does!

a handmade policeman, officer officially shooting guns.


Another African starving to death....a no, North American


supersized of needs, fears, and pills


A top model ready to jump, a black money shelter,

Artist, trending a bit more of stupidity, among us.


A doctor prescribing madness on commission. Another

one of us, willing to be



A pretender. One must-be, addicted. 


A person, tenderly constructing tragedies.


Fucking immigrant, as I, always be... your

inner partner in this....blindness telling us to buy.


                      be used by my own tool.




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