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Luciernagas ática. Light.


invent your own currency...

Learning is a destructive action.

To observe, or to be, watched:

.                      God: we borrow to pay, with Attention. with Tension.


We promise to pay the Bearer... and this

also implicates a prediction. A simulation.


Faith plus studies to confront and bend!... realities.

Layers of law.

..Choose something, turn back and then take

the opposite. Imbalance. 



Hit the iron when is hot. Be a God by

paying Attention... depends on who´s watching, Right? hand is tightened by the leash of a ferocious

dog. Or monkey. Never still,


biting, betting and begging... being watched, by me,

                                                                            it drives.


My other hand is also taken...The inner mirror needs to be




    the mini-screen, and share,

with your parents, peers, and partners,

the seats of your own company! ...You, Currency of clans,

that sells shares, of a future time.  



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