Deconstruction and Reconstruction of different Layers of Reality.

Photocollage, Paintings, and Video are portraiting characters.


Presented in numbered series which work together in a dialectical fashion:

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis...or just describing a moment in detail, layers of images, surrealistics experiments of grain, color and composition are forced to coexist in a single frame.


The physical flesh and bone. The abstraction of numbers and its balancing. A psychological brain of sexual multitudes...the Frame of Reference provided by our brand new handy screens.

Fame. Slogans taken from the streets to combine short poems. 

The war of meanings we live in. The awakening consciousness behind any small entity. 


Human Pages of SOil.


Bardi. 14-16 .Europe 98x98..jpg

"Carnaval Cadiz" 

Collective Painting. 

190x100cm. /99